Stay Single Because Its Better Than Settling For Less Than You Deserve

God& Man

Stay single because it’s better than having screaming matches at midnight. It’s better than sending passive aggressive texts back and forth until person snaps. It’s better than arguing during dates that were supposed to be fun, that were supposed to bring you closer together.

Stay single because it’s better than pretending your relationship is something that it’s not. You shouldn’t be posting smiling photos on Instagram to trick everyone — largely yourself — into believing that you two are doing well. You shouldn’t be lying to yourself.

Stay single because it’s better than crawling into bed with tears in your eyes, wishing that he would come inside with tissues and an apology. Maybe in the morning when his anger succumbs down, he’ll make you think that he’s sorry for hurt you, but then he’ll go right back and do the same exact thing again. He won’t change. He never will.

Stay single because it’s better than being paranoid, than searching for signs of cheating because something in your intestine only doesn’t right. Your alarms shouldn’t go off every time he takes too long to answer a text or comes home late from run. Your guard shouldn’t be up around the person you’re supposed to feel the safest alongside.

Stay single because it’s better than wondering why your relationship brings you so much stress, why you feel so anxious, why you’re always on edge. Are you not pretty enough for them? Smart enough for them? Good enough for them? What is the issue? Why are they acting this style?

Stay single because it’s better than watching yourself turn into someone you are not. Someone jealous. Someone possessive. Someone who starts fights and causes drama. Someone who is secretly miserable.

Stay single because it’s better than feeling like a bad girlfriend for telling other people the ugly details of your relationship. For feeling your cheeks redden every time another boy actually treats you with an ounce of respect. For wondering if you’re really with the right person.

Stay single because it’s better than complaining to your friends about how unhappy you are. How he never does anything fun. How he is never there when this is necessary him. How he always forgets the little things. How you are worried he’s been cheating. How you are worried he’ll leave you.

Stay single because it’s better than coming home to someone who is always drunk. Always angry. Always blaming you for something. It’s better to be alone than to spend time with a person who had makes you flinch whenever they create their voice. Person who induces you nervous when all you should feel is love.

Stay single because it’s better than putting in all of the effort while your person does nothing. You should be splitting the romance. You should be sharing the workload. You shouldn’t be the one holding the relationship together.

Stay single because it’s better than settling for less than you deserve. It’s better to wait for someone who will treat you well than waste time with someone who treats you like this.

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