Dino-mom sends daughter off to kindergarten in T-Rex costume

It was an emotional Tuesday morning for Lori Ferrall. She was sending her last child off to school for her first day of kindergarten and it was becoming hard to fight back the tears. So, she decided to mask them instead.

“She is a huge dinosaur fan, ” said Ferrall during an interview at her task. “Molly only loved being able to have her mama dress up as a dinosaur and be sent off.”

Ferrell said she has a few life-size dinosaur costumes lying around the house. She put one on, walked her daughter hand-in-hand to the bus stop and waited for the school bus to arrive. Five-year-old Molly smiled. Lori shed a few tears.

“I was just chuckling so hard, ” said Ferrall, who has two older daughters. “The smile on her face. It was just priceless.”

Molly had a painting taken of her holding her daughter’s hand while she was dressed in the dinosaur attire. She posted it on Facebook and within 24 hours it was shared over 100 times.

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