Hurricane Irma literally sucks away Bahamas shoreline

Hurricane Irma is so strong, it is literally changing the coastline in some areas.

Twitter user @ Kaydi_K witnessed this phenomenon firsthand, sharing on social media an extraordinary video that depicted the ocean floor completely uncovered on Long Island in the Bahamas.

“I am in skepticism right now…This is Long Island, Bahamas and the ocean water is missing !!! ” she wrote on Friday.

The bizarre and somewhat eerie video is a result of the hurricane’s low pressure and sheer strength, causing surrounding water to be sucked into its core, the Washington Post reported.

It may be a case of a hurricane “bulge” effect, said Angela Fritz, deputy weather editor for the Post, in which very low pressure in the center of the storm acts as a sucking mechanism, drawing in air and pulling water from the surrounding region.

Although the Tsunami Information Center cautions receding waters are typically a precursor to a tsunami, the Post reports that is not the case in this instance.

Instead, the Long Island shoreline that was swept away with Hurricane Irma was expected to gradually return to Long Island on Sunday afternoon, without great force.

Hurricane Irma struck the Bahamas on Friday, as it constructed its way toward Florida, where meteorologists predicted it would reach the Keys on Sunday morning

The storm is then predicted to hug the state’s west coast, plowing into the Tampa Bay area by Monday morning.

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