The ‘best weatherman ever’ is an internet hero after this viral Hurricane Irma report.

As Hurricane Irma approaches the southeastern United States, there’s a lot of doom and gloomines going around.

The grave warns of potential desolation and the wreckage the storm has left in its wake are everywhere.

But for all the( perhaps rightfully) sensational coverage, there’s been little talk of the actual storm itself: where exactly Irma will make landfall, how strong it might be when it reaches, and how the projections are changing on a minute-by-minute basis.

That’s where local Mobile, Alabama TV weatherman Alan Sealls comes in.

Sealls recently delivered a thorough and remarkably calm breakdown of the most recent Irma models. For many on the internet, it was a much needed breath of fresh air.

“The models don’t control the weather, ” he explained patiently to spectators. “That’s the attempt to keep up with what’s going on, calculate, and regenerate another projection.”

In thorough yet simple terms, Sealls aggregated and explained each of the main models, or projections, of where Irma might go next.

“The storm itself hasn’t really changed what it’s doing, ” he said. “What’s changed is our day-to-day assessment and projection.”

The clip quickly spread far beyond Mobile. It stimulated its route onto the front page of Reddit with the headline, “best weatherman ever.”

An overnight hero, Sealls suddenly had a fan club millions strong. But why?

In what became a defining moment during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, a distraught mother tore into a CNN reporter for sticking a microphone in her face during the most traumatic moment of their own lives. People online rallied behind the mama, and it became clear we were all hungry for a different kind of cyclone coverage.

Seall’s report, while apparently straightforward, was exactly what many people needed to hear.

Hurricane Irma is certainly one of the strongest and most ominous storms we’ve seen. Anyone in the affected areas should be taking it extremely seriously.

But it’s still inspiring to see millions of people( the clip on YouTube has over 3 million views) coming together in appreciation of science and just-the-facts reporting.

Sealls is right — we can’t control the weather. Sometimes when the situation is out of our hands, though, having a friendly expert with a soothing demeanor only level with you is the most comforting thing there is.

You can watch Sealls’ full, viral, and unbelievably educational weather report right here :

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