Every parent has a technique for dealing with tantrums. See why this dad’s went viral.

Ari is 3 years old. And like many 3-year-olds, she recently had a mini-meltdown at Walmart.

Her dad, Terrel “Mr. Rico Relz” Crawford, knew his daughter wasn’t hungry, sick, or especially tired. She simply had a case of the “gimmes.” Instead of buying everything in sight to temper Ari’s tantrum, Crawford opted to take her outside to the parking lot to let her calm down.

Then he calmly violated it down to her in age-appropriate speech, explaining that they were going to stay put until she calmed down. If she acted up again, they’d be right back outside.

Crawford also took a few minutes to address his own parenting mishaps and challenges.

He reveals that sometimes he does give in too easily and occasionally spoils his children, which may explain why Ari was so upset when she didn’t get her way this time. Like all parents, he makes mistakes, but he never stops trying to improve.

Crawford also fostered other parents to use words and time-outs, or as he called it, “an attitude break, ” instead of escalating the moment by screaming, spanking, or making a scene in public.

“I ain’t got to argue with no 3-year-old kid , no 2-year old child , no damn kid. I’m the daddy. I’m grown, ” he said with a small smile. “We about to sit down until you stop acting a fool…”

And, after just a few minutes, Ari was ready to return to the store, pacify, collected, and already giggling, with another life lesson from Dad under her belt.

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