It’s no small thing that Fenty Beauty offers so many colors. Rihanna explains why.

International pop star and way icon Rihanna unveiled her long-awaited beauty line Thursday night to much fanfare.

With fabulous launching events in London and New York, the singer’s latest project, Fenty Beauty, stimulated its star-studded debut Sept. 7. The high-end makeup line features primers, lipsticks, brushes, and both everyday and special occasion appears.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna launches at Harvey Nichols in London. Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/ Getty Images for Fenty and Harvey Nichols.

But among the bright lights, glamour, and convivial ambiance was a crucial aspect of the products’ long-awaited debut: inclusion.

RiRi’s line features a wide range of colorings and undercurrents, from soft pale beiges to warm browns. There are products available for people of every complexion — a rare find in a cosmetic industry that are typically dismisses the outliers, particularly those with dark skin.

Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/ Getty Images for Fenty and Harvey Nichols.

This commitment to inclusivity begins all the way at the top, as Rihanna explained why this type of representation is so important .

In the short clip below, Rihanna shared that she wanted every product to feel accessible to people with different complexions, going so far as to call out subtle touches like blue or pink undercurrents.

“I was like, ‘Let me see something for a dark-skinned daughter. Let me see something for a pale daughter. Let me see person in between.’ There’s so many different tints. There’s red undertones, there’s green undertones, there’s blue undertones, there’s pink undertones, there’s yellow. You simply never know, so you want people to appreciate the product and not feel like ‘Oh that’s cute but it only appears good on her.'”


While Rihanna induces nearly everything seem effortless, recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion is truly something all of us can do.

Seeing ourselves in narratives, advertisings, and even the makeup counter is vital to feeling welcome and supported.

You don’t need a world tour or a burgeoning beauty empire to promote diverse voices in your community, workplace, and the companies and brands you support. Start with listening to the people and ideas that often run unheard, and if you come from a position of privilege, be sure to pass the mic.

We can all do better. And just like she always has, Rihanna will show us the way.

Photo by Bryan R. Smith/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Note: We were not pay back Fenty Beauty to promote this. ( We would tell you ! ) We just think it’s just awesome to ensure some diverse representation.

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