15 funny comics about self-doubt and anxiety that are almost too real.

From awkward phone calls and impostor disorder, to depression and nervousnes, at some point all of us have experienced challenging feelings and self-doubt.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, those frets and dreads can strike at any moment.

That’s why Beth Evans’ comics feel so familiar and honest.

The 26 -year-old from the Chicago area started doodling and drawing in college and now works on her comic full-time. Through uncomplicated line drawing and simple narratives, Evans exposes a slice of her daily life, including some of her anxieties, brushes with self-doubt, and small victories. Running on the comic has helped Evans manage some of these thoughts and feelings too.

“Sometimes I’m not always able to express those feelings in my real life, ” she says. “Sometimes it’s easier merely to say ‘Here’s the awful emotion of the day, we’re just going to set it down, put it out there. Maybe someone else feels that route so we can feel nasty together.”

Her work has clearly struck a chord, as she’s amassed more than 216, 000 adherents — including some fans so dedicated that they’ve get tattoos of her run.

Evans is flattered by the gesture, though she’s a little nervous too. “I simply hope they like it, ” she says.

Her mindset speaks to the integrity and authenticity of her run — just like the rest of us, Evans experiences impressions of self-doubt. The common feeling just seems to be part and parcel of life as an adult. If we can’t make it go away entirely, at least we can commiserate together.

Here are 15 more of Evans comics that may have you saying, “It me.”

1. When you construct plans at night versus when you wake up.

2. You still earn a ribbon, even if you have nothing to reveal for it.

3. And don’t get me started on impromptu small talk.

4. If you can limit the internal screaming to 5 %, you’re ahead of the curve.

5. This is how it goes down every. single. time.

6. Just in case you needed a reminder.

7. Though compliments can bring their own various kinds of nervousnes.

8. Adulting isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, children.

a pie chart

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9. And “why theres” saving fund so, so hard?

finding money in your coat pockets

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10. You know what’s more awkward than feeling all the feelings? Talking about the impressions.

11. But it’s good, especially if you need to.

12. Raise your hand if you’ve played any of these before.

13. Even the love chart is easy to love.

oversized shirts are [?]

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14. It’s wholly OK not to know, btw.

15. And, ultimately, don’t forget to give yourself a transgres.

No matter your worries, anxieties, “weird” thoughts, or wild ideas — recollect, you’re not alone.

Talk it out, or keep it to yourself. Feel free to chuckle, exclaim, shriek, or do something in between. Just recollect you are enough, and you are pretty darn great right this second, OK?

And if you enjoy Evans’ work, be sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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