Tech Q&A: Text read notifications, eBay alternatives, free office suites and more

Confirm a text was read

Q : Is there a way to know if someone has actually read my text messages? I send them, and people don’t always reply. So maybe they are just not get my texts.

A : If you use Facebook Messenger( and similar services ), you have probably grown accustomed to knowing when your message has been read and when people are actively writing you back. But many people don’t like their friends and colleagues to know when their texts have been read because it feels like an intrusion of privacy. There are workarounds. Click here to find out how to tell when someone find your text messages.

eBay alternatives

Q : I like eBay, but it seems as if there has been a shortage of government surplus marketings at the site. Are there better sites now to find the deals?

A : eBay was a giant of the early internet, earning billions of dollars for itself and its users. Today, eBay remains the go-to auction site for collectors, vendors of used goods and people with too much stuff in their garage. As the internet has become bigger and more diverse, so have its auctioning alternatives. Most of these websites behave just like eBay; what builds them different is where they source their products. Click here for sites that auction government surplus items, as well as waterproofed cameras, rare coins and even vehicles.

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