Never Turn Down The Chance To Travel Alone

Unsplash/ Amber Zewert

A drop of sweat dripped from my forehead as I maintained climbing the next steep stairway. The Big Buddha was get bigger and bigger as I continued to climb the last set of stairs before me. A thick blanket of warm air encompassed my whole body, building me yearn for my water bottle which was dangling around my neck.

With each step I took, the weight of the water bottle felt heavier, merely stimulating me more determined to reach the top. Nothing could stop me once I got on this island, via the glass cable car where I clearly insured the rocks and trees under my feet.

The only thing holding me inside that cable car was basically a piece of glass. So, if I had already survived that , nothing could stop me from ensure the Big Buddha with my own eyes. And I did, after the 100 th hour I was complaining to myself of how tired I was.

But then, all the weariness had vanished as soon as I reached the top. I turned around and saw how many stairways I actually had to climb to be on the spot where I was standing.

It was overwhelming.

Because I did it all by myself.

When I’m in a foreign country, something magical happens inside me .

I put more trust in myself, because I’m the only person I can trust at that moment, in that specific place where I don’t know a soul. I rely on my gut feeling and I listen to warning signs that I pick up from certain people. My hunch has never failed me before. It is my guardian angel, seeming out for me when I’m having too much fun and forgetting to keep my guard up when it needs to be.

Traveling all by yourself is one of the best things you can do for yourself .

When I first watched the endless showing of cherry flowers in full bloom surrounding me in South Korea, I couldn’t believe my eyes for a moment. Back in my own country, every time when I saw a cherry blossom tree- I think back of that particular day, filled with wonder, beauty, and new memories.

You begin to see- what was once regular and ordinary to you- moments of flashbacks from your escapades. It can be a tree. A song. A type of food. Or even a type of person.

It can even take you back years ago, leaving you reminiscing and feeling bittersweet at the same period. Because you know you can’t go back to those moments, but also know that you once experienced them with all your awakened senses.

Traveling defines your knowledge back to zero, even though you thought you had enough of it at first.

You are basically a little child in a strange place. Forcing yourself to ask strangers for directions when Google Maps is too hard to unriddle. Stroking your taste bud when you are trying food you have never even insured before. Amazing yourself with how much patience you actually have when you need to wait half a day for your next flight home.

Traveling fuels your curiosity the moment you step on soil you have never set foot on before.

When I appeared down from the Great Wall in 2014, I imagined soldiers preparing to shoot their arrows, ready to start war. When I touched the ancient stones, I imagined countless of people putting brick after brick- dried up from thirst under the blaze sun, craving food and rest.

This weariness I felt, after having climbed got a couple of stairways to the Big Buddha was nothing compared to that.

Traveling builds you grateful. It constructs me grateful, when I go to places .

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