American Airlines teams up with Casper to offer new in-flight sleep products

American Airlines and Casper are announcing a new partnership that could help passengers( like me) who have trouble sleeping on flights.

They’re not going as far as putting Casper mattresses on planes. Instead, they say they worked together to generate eight new sleep products designed to improve in-flight slumber.

Those products include a mattress pad that fits over your seat, a regular pillow and a lumbar pillow, a pillowcase, a duvet, a blanket, pajamas and slippers. The plan is induce these products available to passengers in First class, Business class and Premium Economy in December.( So those of us in regular Economy are out of luck for now .)

Beyond the benefits to passengers’ sleep, this seems like an important deal for Casper. The company has been pretty aggressive with its marketing( at least, judging from its seemingly ubiquitous podcast and subway ads ), and this rollout could uncover the brand to a whole new group of people.

By the route, American isn’t the only airline inducing premium sleep products available to its higher-end customers. United recently announced a similar partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue.

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