Conan OBrien laments the normalization of mass shootings in a somber monologue.

When Conan O’Brien walked into work the morning after the Las Vegas massacre, his head writer handed him a stack of newspapers. That act became the centerpiece of his monologue.

“He said, ‘Here are the remarks you made after the Sandy Hook shooting and the Pulse night club assaults in Orlando. You might want to look at them to insure what you might want to say tonight, ‘” O’Brien recounted of the conversation.

Mass shootings, the kind with the headline-grabbing intensity that obliges even a late-night talk reveal host to address, have become so routine that O’Brien’s staff actually had a file filled with his past responses to them. He was horrified.

“How could there be a file of mass shooting statements for a late night host? ” he asked, incredulously.

When O’Brien first started in late night, it was “practically unheard of” for a host to have to address this type of event.

A bevy of data demonstrate all the ways mass shootings have gotten more deadly and more frequent over the past several decades in the U.S. Over that same span of period, interestingly, Pew Research found that support for gun ownership over gun control has risen.

“When did this become a ritual? ” asks O’Brien.

O’Brien doesn’t have the answers — and neither do members of Congress, apparently — but we cannot simply accept that this is just something that happens and will always happen.

Will strict gun control measures put an end to mass shootings? Maybe. Maybe not. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t at the least try to take action to make accessing these types of weapons more difficult for people who wish to use them to commit acts of mass death and extermination.

That shouldn’t be so much to ask.

Watch O’Brien’s powerful monologue about the shocking normality of gun violence below.

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