Simply the Best: Demetrious Johnson breaks UFC record with epic submission

LAS VEGAS( AP) Demetrious Johnson successfully defended his flyweight title for a UFC record-breaking 11 th period, stopping Ray Borg by armor submission at 3:15 of fifth round Saturday night.

The card was the first major sporting event in Las Vegas since the mass shooting that killed 58 people this week. A moment of stillnes kicked off the pay-per-view section of the event, then a handful of survivors and first responders were brought into the octagon and recognized as Everlast performed America the Beautiful. The UFC has pledged to donate$ 1 million to help victims and their families.
The 31 -year-old Johnson( 27 -2- 1) broke the defense record he shared with longtime middleweight champ Anderson Silva.

Shout out to Las Vegas, Johnson said. Thank you so much to all the first responders.

Borg dropped to 11 -3.

Our trio of @kennyflorian @twooodley @felderpaul break down @mightymouseUFC‘s epic night! Should he move up? #UFC216 https :// VP9juNPIhj

— FOX Athletics: UFC (@ UFCONFOX) October 8, 2017

Ray Borg was operating his mouth, Johnson said. I got the suplex and the armor, I knew I got it.

Johnson landed a heavy body kick in the first round and was able to gain top control, running from half-guard for most of the round while neutralizing any offense from Borg.

In the second round, Borg was able to press forward and secure a short takedown before briefly taking Johnsons back. Johnson offered a quick reversal and was once again on top of Borg in dominant position.

The third round received Borg looking to secure another single-leg takedown early, only to be reversed once again with Johnson on top. Johnsons ever-active suffocating grappling rendered Borg ineffective for most of the first three rounds.

Most of Borgs energy was spent simply trying to escape his disadvantaged position, while opposing off submission endeavors. Johnson “ve managed to” mount Borg shortly toward the end of a predominating round.

Borg pressed early in the fourth and took Johnson down with an impressive takedown. Johnson, true to form, wasted little time in scrambling back to top position and controlled from there for much of the remainder of the round. The final round was much of the same, with Johnson securing multiple takedowns while keeping Borg on the defense. Late in the round, Johnson procured Borgs back, executed a slam and transitioned to an armbar in mid-air. Johnson locked in the submission and forced Borg to tap.

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