Today, I Will Remember To Breathe

Samuel Foster

Today, I will close my eyes and remind myself that not being able to change every situation and situation of my life is okay. I will tell myself that things won’t always go my route, or make sense, but I can still trust in my strength and purpose enough to continue forward, even when I’m confused.

Today, I will stretch and feel every muscle and fiber in my body release. I will exhale negativity and fear. I will be gentle and kind and expose myself my resilience, opposing through, regardless of what defeat has knocked on my door.

Today I will listen to the pounding of my heart, a reminder that I am here, I am moving, I am fighting, even when I’m tired .

Today, I will learn to forgive. To forgive the wrong I’ve done to myself and the incorrects inflicted upon me. I will stop holding myself and others to unreachable standards and acknowledge that this life is imperfect and beautiful. And I am surviving.

Today, I will remember to be patient. I will remember that deadlines and obligations do not have to rule over me, and I am not a victim to the passage of time. I will remember that it is okay to slow, okay to determine peace, okay to not be everything to everyone all the time. But that I be everything and more for myself.

Today, I will quiet my mind and let go of what I cannot control. I will grip tightly to what I can, sucking every joyous moment from this life. But not cling to what is no longer mine with such force-out that I become weak.

Today, I will show myself that I am powerful and wonderful. That I am whole and complete. That I am a messy, fault-filled person, but that does not induce me less than worthy of a good life.

Today, I will recollect to be still. To take in the beauty around me and release what is not mine to fixing, or heal, or change .

Today, I will remember that I will be okay.
And that tomorrow is coming, fresh and bold and new.

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