12 Reasons Youll Wish She Hadnt Given Up On You

God& Man

One day you’ll wish she hadn’t given up on you. You’ll miss her smile and the voice of her chuckle. Maybe, simply perhaps, you’ll realize how it was to play with her feelings. To use her vulnerability to fulfill your happiness in the moments when you needed it. Hopefully you’ll be ashamed for stimulating her feel like an option. When you do think of her, here are some things you should remember 😛 TAGEND


She would’ve given to be with you. She was willing to make it run no matter what and would’ve devoted you everything you desire.


As you became more intimate, she unavoidably recognized every flaw and imperfection but every single one. She saw you as nothing less than amazing. She wanted to learn everything about you, good and bad.


Her fierce loyalty.


Her encouragement and positivity. She can attain “youre feeling” as if nothing is impossible , no matter how ridiculous it may be.


She could’ve dedicated you both unpredictability stability. Escape comfort.


Her independence. She didn’t want to be your whole world, simply a piece of it. As seriously as you want liberty, so did she. She loved that you had your own life because


You only got to know a small piece of her. There’s much more to know and learn, unfortunately, you missed it.


She loved your hobbies and wanted to be a part of them. She wanted to learn from you, and be your friend too.


She was the kind of person you can sit with and just. Words are not necessary when you’re together.


Her kindness and thoughtfulness demonstrated she cared for you.


She didn’t need you, she you.


She thought you were worth it. Against her own judgment, she wanted to open up to you but “youve never” dedicated her the chance.

She still thinks about you every day. Trying to forget someone who lived in a tiny piece of your heart is a complicated thing to do. She wishes you nothing but the best and the most happiness life can offer. You permitted yourself to be scared and to push her aside. You had the chance to step away from the doubtful unknown into what would’ve been a wild and amazing adventure alongside a woman with a heart of gold. She didn’t want things to end, but she knew they had to. You chose cowardice over courage, and that’s your onu to carry. She was worth fighting for. She wanted you to love life, even more with her in it. One day,

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