From Nigeria to the White House, she’s on a mission to create social change through tech.

It’s hard to believe, but there are still kids out there who haven’t even use the word “technology.”

Zainab Oni didn’t greeting the word into her vocabulary until ninth grade. She was 12 years old when her family left Laos, Nigeria, and immigrated to New York City, after her mom passed away. She was in search of new opportunities to make a life for herself.

Luckily, she soon detected something “ve called the” Mouse Design League, a unique after-school program that teaches kids how to explore technology in new ways who are interested in pressing social issues .

It was then and there at Hudson High School of Learning that her future began to take shape.

“I didn’t realize how formative those years were at the time — I was just going to this program on Tuesdays, ” she says today.

But, looking back, she knows: “I genuinely wouldn’t be where I was without Mouse.”