To The Friends Who Ease The Pain Of Our Lonely Nights

God& Man

To the friends who ease our lonely nights. The ones who show up when we need them. The ones who make it a point to let us know that we don’t “re going to have to” suffer alone or carry our burdens by ourselves. The ones who help us when we believe no one cares. The ones who understand when we can’t even say a word. The ones who can see through our broken smiles and sad giggles. The ones who make it easier to open up, be vulnerable and share our innermost feelings with them because they don’t magistrate us and they construct us feel loved anyway.

Thank you for attaining our lives less scaring. Thank you for inducing our darkness a little bit brighter .

To the friends who attain us feel like winners when we feel like losers. The ones who dedicate us hope that things will work out, that tomorrow is a better day, that the futurestill holds a lot of wonderful astounds for us. The ones who don’t let us wallow in our sadnes or in our ache. The ones who tell us we’re strong and smart and brilliant. The ones who assure the greatness that we fail to see in ourselves.

Thank you for healing us. Thank you for attaining the ache go away faster. Thank you for sticking around when we weren’t the best people to be with .

To the friends who build us feel safe since they are never abandoned us. They never gave up on us. They always forgave us. They always gave us second chances. They always constructed us feel like we can count on them even if we don’t find or talk to them every day. They always feel like home. They always keep it real. They always bring out the best in us because they find our potential and they believe in us.

Thank you for stimulating our journey easier. Thank you for giving us the tools we need to climbing the highest mountains. Thank you for empowering us to go after our dreamings and for supporting us through all the ups and downs .

Thank you for being there for us when fans break our hearts and people leave us. Thank you for guiding us when our mothers stop believing in us and our bosses are dedicating us a hard time. Thank you for being kind to us when we’re mean to ourselves and thank you for being our sanity when our intellects are driving us crazy.

We’re luck to have you. Loneliness is terrible but with you, it’s easier to handle. It’s easier to get through it. It’s easier to come out of it knowing that we have you. Knowing that you will always be there to ease another lonely day and brighten up another dark night.

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book, available here.

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