17 comics that show being pregnant isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Being pregnant doesn’t usually stop you from doing anything you did before — except for perhaps drinking alcohol.

Modern moms often stay at work, maintain exercising, and do just about everything they did before getting pregnant. It’s inspired many mothers, like Maya Vorderstrasse, to use social media to show the world what it’s really like to “have it all.”

There is no doubt that pregnancy can bring about a special kind of bliss. But for all the ups, there are undoubtedly a few downs too.

As an illustrator and a mom of two, I try to depict all the elements of motherhood in my cartoons — the joyful, the hard, and all the humorous moments that make pregnancy so uniquely special.

1. Simple tasks can become impossible.

All illustrations by Line Severinsen. Reprinted with permission.

2. This is what comfort feels like:

Grabbing every pillow in your house only to get comfortable.

3. The worst sleeping posture:

Like a cow pretending to be a dead bird.

4. Trying to stay positive:

You maintain mentally preparing yourself for the final battle by watching all those pregnancy demonstrates. And yet, you end up terrified.

5. Thought your cramps were run?


6. Expect the unexpected.

Water can violate at any time … any place.

7. Gotta bide sober.

Your self-control is at the highest level!

8. And the cravings…

Those sudden cravings for a specific flavor are endless.

9. Hormones bring amazes!

Your body’s changes may bring some unwanted hair.

10. “Sympathetic” pregnancy.

When your spouse starts turning into your physical equivalent. Way to go, belly!

11. Care to comment?

12. The waiting never ends…

You’re dreading how long it will take to get back to your regular figure.

13. Set up your dukes!

Is that the newborn or a bar fighting?

14. Don’t count your rancours:

Nine whole months and you still can’t find a name.

15. That’s what you’re worried about?

Your husband’s greatest dread is largely no big deal.

16. I can’t reach!

Can’t see your feet anymore? Welcome to the third trimester.

17. Wandering hands:

It’s like your belly is some kind of magical ball and everyone wants a rub.

This tale was originally positioned on MetDaan.com and is reprinted here with permission .

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