A Dutch comedy show mocked America’s gun ‘addiction.’ They left out a crucial point.

Americans are helplessly, urgently “addicted” to guns. Or so a new Dutch comedy reveal has suggested.

“Sunday with Lubach, ” a news irony series hosted by comedian Arjen Lubach, panned Americans in a recent sketch that encouraged Europeans to be more sympathetic to our “Nonsensical Rifle Addiction, ” or NRA .

“NRA is a constitutional ailment caused by a dysfunction of the pre-frontal second amendment in the nonsensical cortex, causing patients to shoot people, ” the ironically somber narrator jabs to chuckle.

“NRA is highly contagious, ” the video continues. “Parents often pass it on to their children. This happens automatically or semi-automatically.”

Sure, the sketch is clever and deserving of a few not-funny-haha-but-funny-sad giggles as it drives a serious phase home, in the wake of yet another mass shooting.

But is its basic premise — Americans’ fanaticism over firearms — a fair evaluation?

America’s gun problems don’t to be derived from an “addiction.” They stem from a breakdown of democracy.

Yes, Americans, as a whole, own a lot of guns. Like, there are more guns in the U.S. than there are people. But parse through the big picture data, and the numbers may surprise you. Just 3% of Americans own 50% — half ! — of all the country’s handguns . And the vast majority of Americans — a whopping 78% — don’t own any at all. In fact, nationally, handgun ownership has been on a slow and steady deterioration since the early 1990 s.

“Addiction”? Not so much.

Most Americans, including gun owneds, overwhelmingly subsistence common sense handgun regulations — statutes that have failed time and time again to pass through a GOP-controlled House and Senate. It’s not that Congressional Republicans aren’t listening to their constituents, per se; they’re merely more concerned with fundraising their re-election bids. During the 2016 campaigns, for example, the actual NRA( the National Rifle Association , not to be confused with Nonsensical Rifle Addiction) poured tens of millions of dollars into political races around the country, including over $ 30 million toward then-candidate Donald Trump.

America doesn’t have an “addiction” problem when it comes to firearms — it’s got a “democracy” one.

Contact your representatives to demand common sense firearm statutes .

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