Trump: NFL should have suspended Colin Kaepernick for kneeling

President Donald Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Wednesday that the NFL should have suspended quarterback Colin Kaepernick for kneeling during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

“The NFL should have suspended him for one game and he would have never done it again, ” Trump told host Sean Hannity in Harrisburg, Pa. “They could have then suspended him for two games and they could have suspended him again if he did it a third day, for the season, and you would never have had a problem.”


Kaepernick began kneeling during the national anthem last season as part of a protest against police barbarism while the states members of the San Francisco 49 ers. Kaepernick has since become a free agent and has been unable to get a job with another NFL team.

On Tuesday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a letter to squad proprietors that he believed players should stand for the national anthem, adding that the league would consider the standard rules change necessitating players to stand.

“I will tell you, ” Trump told Hannity, “you cannot disrespect our country, our flag, our anthem, you cannot do that.”

Trump also criticized the 2015 nuclear enter into negotiations with Iran, calling it “one of the most incompetently drawn bargains I’ve ever seen.”

“They got a route to atomic weapon very quickly and … $1.7 billion in money, ” Trump said. “You know how many airplane loads that must be? Did you ever insure a million dollars, like a promotion, where they have a million dollars in $100 bills? It’s a lot … So, this is the worst deal. We got nothing.”

The president reportedly will declare Iran to be not in compliance with the nuclear agreement in a major policy address afterwards this week.

Trump also lashed out at the ongoing investigation over Russian actions during last year’s presidential election, calling it “an excuse used by the Democrats when they lost the election.”

“They sat in a room and “theyre saying”, ‘Wow, we look bad.’ The morning after, in fact it’s been written about in various volumes, or a volume, but they said, ‘Why did you lose the election? ‘” the president said. “And they said, ‘Ah, it was Russia! Russia! ‘ It wasn’t Russia, it was a bad candidate.”

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