Maybe Just Love Me Anyway

Franca Gimenez

I’m sorry for texting you. That was stupid. That was overconfident. That was abrasive. You probably didn’t need to deal with that. That probably built “youre feeling” obligated to behave a certain route or answer a certain way and honestly, I would’ve been fine if you just ignored me. It’s cool. What I can’t stand is the idea that you want to talk to me, but won’t. The notion, that you might like me, but resist. The idea, that you’re wondering about me too. But won’t admit it . That’s what bothers me. That’s what I’m not sorry for. So if that’s the case, could you just like, I don’t know, acknowledge it? Could you just say, ” Hey I never deleted your number or got a new phone, I just wanted to seem cool .” Could you only jump over the line and say that you believe in period just as much I’m trying to? Could you only be the person that I’ve foresaw you being for even merely 30 seconds? Because, like , nobody attains my heart stop. Nobody builds me dizzy. Nobody stimulates me excited about anything. And it’s all very unbecoming and all very concerning and all very unattractive, but here we are . Here you are all in my world with no announcement, and I’m supposed to feel bad about anything and everything. But here’s the thing : I don’t . Baby I have wanted you from the minute I laid eyes on you and years can go by but those butterflies are still there. Hibernation happens but nobody ever said it had to be forever. I still hear your name and could expend hours talking about what those syllables do to my spine. And so yeah, it’s been a minute. And yeah, who knows where we are. But I’m sorry, something about you does to me. So if you could find it in you to love me anyway? Well then we’d genuinely be something to talk about.

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