Competency exams next for 3 teens in rock-throwing death

A judge has ordered mental competency quizs for three of five Michigan teens charged in the death of a human who was struck by a rock while traveling on Interstate 75.

The evaluations ordered Thursday will delay the example until Jan. 11. The five are charged with second-degree murder.

Ken White died when a boulder throw from an I-7 5 overpass on Oct. 18 in Genesee County crashed through a windshield and killed him. He was a passenger in a van.

A judge ordered mental evaluations for 18 -year-old Kyle Anger, 16 -year-old Mark Sekelsky and 15 -year-old Trevor Gray.

Police said at the least 20 rocks were found on I-7 5 in Vienna Township, 80 miles( 130 kilometers) north of Detroit. Other autoes were damaged.

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