Donations pour in for Florida woman who lost baby, then her arms and legs

A GoFundMe account reached virtually $18,000 early Saturday for a Florida woman who lost her baby- and then her limbs and legs because of sepsis that started during her pregnancy.

Kayleigh Ferguson-Walker, 31, recently returned to services at her Broward County, Fla ., church for the first time since her terrible ordeal, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

“Today I’m just astonished to be here, to be able to talk, to see, to praise God, ” she told the congregation, the newspaper reported.

“Today I’m only astounded to be here, to be able to talk, to watch, to praise God.”

– Kayleigh Ferguson-Walker, 31, a quadruple amputee

Ferguson-Walker’s story has helped raise awareness about sepsis- when the body’s blood-clotting function overreacts to infection — and also the plight of America’s amputees, a group that numbers nearly 2 million people, according to the Amputee Coalition of America.

Today Ferguson-Walker is still waiting to fully heal before she can be fitted for prosthetic arms and legs.

She told the Sun-Sentinel that she and husband Ramon have no immediate plans to sue anyone in matters relating to what happened.

Insurance has helped the couple and their 3-year-old child to some degree, but the family started the GoFundMe page for help in meeting other expenses.

Contributions can be made by clicking here.

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