School probes student ‘mockery’ of Holocaust museum exhibits

A Pennsylvania school district is investigating complaints that students on a class trip to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum posted scenes inducing light of some exhibits.

Superintendent Edwin Bowser of the Forest Hills School District said Friday officials are looking into social media posts from the senior class trip Wednesday to the Washington , D.C ., museum.

Senior class president Gage Singer tells The Associated Press that most students were respectful, but a small number “made a mockery of what they insure, ” including in a Snapchat post of shoes confiscated from concentration camp prisoners.

In a letter posted online, Singer called the conduct “unacceptable, ” apologized on behalf of the entire class and said he hoped future students would still have the opportunity to visit the museum.

Forest Hills is about 80 miles( 129 kilometers) east of Pittsburgh.

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