Dont Worry About Me, Ill Be Fine Without You


You misunderstood the concept of a woman’s strength because even though we are used to experiencing ache, we always come out of it stronger. This isn’t me losing you, this is you letting go of what would’ve been the warmest, craziest relationship that you would’ve had. I’m comfortable in my scalp now so I know my worth even when you fail to see it.

Perhaps you thought that I would wait all day for you or that I would crawl to get your attention, but I’ve proven that you thought wrong. You shouldn’t have worried about me smothering you with love, you should’ve fretted when it all stopped. I may be a complicated woman that often drove you mad, but I sure as hell know that it is that part of me that you will miss the most.

When the silence hits you in the middle of the night, I hope you recognize that it happened because you preferred a quiet breeze over the occasional howl thunder. It took several lonely nights of your detachment for me to get comfy with the quiet evenings and now, I’m okay doing’ Netflix and chill’ on my own.

That’s the hazard about neglecting a woman and becoming complacent of her love; when she’s able to confide in herself and find spending period alone the most comfortable thing to do, you become a limb rather than the glue that keeps her together. You gave me too much space that I had to wander off into the distance and become my own guiding light.

You didn’t realize it at the time, but by giving me the space that I never asked for, you fostered me to acknowledge that the situation is better at the other end of the road. Although you’re standing opposite of my path, I no longer feel the need to cross over there again. Truth is, although I drove you over the edge on most days, my actions shouldn’t have been an excuse for you to neglect the life that we had built.

Please don’t ever feel worried about me living my life without you because I’m good now, and I have you to thank for that. Sure you loved me well, but you didn’t love me enough to believe that their own problems we were facing was not an epiphany for a dead end. You gave up on us, but I learned to confide in myself during the days when your neglectful actions reach me the hardest . I’ve always believed that everything good and bad serves as a lesson and you are no exception. So darling, don’t worry about me because I’ll be fine without you.

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