This woman’s viral tweet about ‘dropping 200 pounds’ doubles as relationship advice.

Relationship pro tip-off# 1: Don’t call your partner “disgusting.”

As she tells it, after Miranda Baker’s boyfriend called her “disgusting and unattractive, ” she decided it was time to lose some weight — about 200 very concrete pounds of it. On Nov. 12, the 18 -year-old Iowa State University student tweeted, “After getting called disgusting last night, I successfully fell 200 lbs !!( Before and after pics ). “

Screenshot( edited to blur) via Mandy_Rose9 9/ Twitter.

The before picture showed the couple together. The after was the same photo, with him cropped out of it.

Life’s just too short to spend with people who don’t value you for who you are.

“The way you were acting today was disgusting and unattractive, ” Baker quotes her( now ex) boyfriend as telling her when they are expend the day together at a tailgate. That’s when she says she ricochetted, deciding that her time was better expend with her friends than with a guy who’d say something like that to her.

“I was done with him, ” she explains in a Twitter direct message. Then, according to Baker, “about an hour later he called me, hollering at me to apologize for leaving him! I said i will not apologize for leaving you after you called me disgusting and unattractive.”

It almost goes without saying, but losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean get healthier, and generally we roll our eyes at weight loss as any sort of relationship advice (# AllBodiesAreGoodBodies ). But when it comes to losing 200 pounds the route Baker did, that’s a special exception; falling a person who treats you like garbage is by far the healthiest style to lose weight.

Find someone who likes you for you , for all your flaws and quirks. If they can’t do that, they should hit the road.

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