The next Elvis might be born out of this amazing Memphis music school.

When you think about Memphis, Tennessee, Elvis Presley perhaps comes to intellect. But today, the city is brimming with talented musicians.

They play all kinds of music styles, from rockabilly to soul, in clubs and on the street throughout the city.

What’s more, the locals say there’s usually a level of unity whenever music starts to play in Memphis. Constructing music just seems to bringing everybody together .

Musicians from Stax Music Academy. Photo via XQ.

Music also has the power to inspire us to be better and go a step further in life, even when situations have pushed us down. That, in essence, is why Stax Music Academy get started — to foster kids’ developing through the practice and performance of music.

Stax Music Academy exists to fostering the next generation of musical talent — no matter their background or skill level.

A Stax student playing on the keyboard. Photo via XQ.

“We get students in and we try to enhance their cognitive abilities and musical abilities as well as their character, ” explains Adrianna Christmas, the director of Stax. They turn students into “Soul Communicators” — socially conscious artists who actively give back to their communities.

There’s also a huge focus on the legacy of Stax Records, the iconic, soul-based record label that was founded in Memphis 60 years ago.

What stimulates Stax particularly special, however, is that 70% of their students come from marginalized communities . Since its mission is to raise up kids utilizing music, it would only make sense that they would strive to include the kids who might want that boost the most.

But it’s not just about promoting great musicians. It’s about helping these children get in touch with who they genuinely are.

A Stax student on guitar. Photo via XQ.

“Stax taught me how to control myself, discipline myself, better myself, ” says Chris Franklin, one of Stax’s students. “Both sides of my family, they’ve done music. It operates in my bloodline, and I suppose I should carry it on.”

“I know Stax helped me to watch the worth and value that I have in myself, ” admits Jaden Graves. “Even if I don’t fit in, I can embrace who I am.”

The educators ensure the growth too. Kids come in nervous and shy but leave as confident music aficionado . It stimulates sense that they’ve maintained a 100% college adoption rate since 2008.

In a world where there’s so much adversity and dissension, a space that’s dedicated to teaching children how to harmonize is most welcome.

The Street Corner Harmonies group from Stax. Photo via Stax Music Academy .

That’s especially poignant when you recollect Memphis is where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. While music may not be the only reason stances have changed there, it’s unifying nature no doubt played a part.

Stax’s awesome setup is more than capable of fostering the next great musical prodigy, but that’s far from what builds it important. It’s the fact that it offers musically minded kids a chance to find themselves and that is beyond worthwhile.

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