The Boring Co.s Initial Hat Offering raises $300K for digging in hat sales

Do you like hats? If you do, perhaps you already contributed to The Boring Company’s they are able to dig a network of underground tunnels. Since Elon Musk started selling The Boring Co. hats, featuring the logo on the front( which he once claimed devised by director J.J. Abrams ), the company has apparently sold $300,000 worth of the merch.

That’s a lot of hats: At $20 per, that’s approximately 15,000 hats sold thus far since they went on sale in October. We knew they were doing well initially, with $80,000 in marketings within the first 24 hours, but momentum seems to have continued for the comparatively boring unexciting covering.

Musk calling the thing an “Initial Hat Offering” is just the icing on the cake, and a clear dig at the recent fad for using initial coin offerings( ICOs) as a financing instrument among startups.

Now imagine you sold Boring Co. battery chargers, Elon. Or I dunno what’s more appropriate — maybe a passageway digger-shaped suppository?

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