LinkedIn rolls out its Career Advice mentoring program to US, UK and India

LinkedIn, the Microsoft-owned social platform for the working world with some 530 million members, has made a big push in the last couple of years to position itself not just as a place to look for new jobs and network, but as a place for professional growth — including services for online learning; steady rivers of news and other content to expand your knowledge; and most recently help with building your resume. Today, it’s taking the wraps off the most recent product in that effort: users in the US, UK and India will now be able to use LinkedIn to connect with mentors to help coach them on how to steer themselves in their careers, free of charge.

Career Advice, as the new product is called, is the full roll out of an online mentoring service that LinkedIn launched in a limited format this past summer, in San Francisco and Australia. The notion is to connect users with mentors who can help them figure out anything to do with their career, whether it’s ideas on how to find a new job, feedback for why they are not getting ahead or impression satisfied at work, and maybe even to pivot to a new career altogether.

If you are in the three countries in the first wave of the rollout, to start using the service, you can click on this connect, or go to your own LinkedIn Profile and look for the Career Advice tab on your dashboard( which sits about halfway down the page and in my opinion is not immediately easy to find ).

You then go through a short script of questions to set out what it is that you are looking for — for example, to its implementation of goals, or whether you want person in your geography or from your alma mater — and then you start to get recommendations of people who might fit the bill, who are presented to you in a series of Tinder-style swiping screens for you to choose as a potential match.


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