Bitcoin is over $9,000

Well, it’s over $9,000.

Even as you recoup from attempting to explain Bitcoin to your family over the Thanksgiving dinner table, the value of the cryptocurrency is growing at an increasingly hefty pace. As of the time of this writing, the value of a single Bitcoin was above $ 9,143, climbing nearly 6 phases in the past 24 hours.

At a certain point, news of clearing these incremental price impediments are going to get old, but given the increasing speed in which Bitcoin costs are knocking through these obstacles and hitting all-time-highs, it seems relevant to chronicle the procession towards $10,000 at least.

The cryptocurrency currently has a market cap north of $152 billion.


My colleague Fitz Tepper said the case for Bitcoin at $10 k was pretty strong by year’s end when it made $8,000 merely six days ago, but at this rate perhaps its more relevant to wonder how close to $15 k the cryptocurrency will get in 2017 before the rate of investment at the least cools.

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