Iran’s Rouhani: Enmity toward Iran hides Saudi failures

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says Saudi Arabia’s revamped antagonism toward Tehran is a cover-up for the kingdom’s domestic and regional failures.

Rouhani claimed in a live TV interview Tuesday that the kingdom has two main problems — regional issues, such as the war it’s waging in Yemen, and also major domestic problems.

Tensions have spiked between the mostly Sunni kingdom and the Shiite power Iran after Yemen’s Iran-backed rebels, known as Houthis, fired a missile that was intercepted outside Riyadh.

Along with proxy wars in Syria and Iran, the two competitors have also opposed a war of words with increasing vitriol.

Rouhani says “Saudi Arabia seeks to solve two problems through antagonism with Iran; first it wants to cover-up its failings in the region … and second, its domestic problems.”

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