Report on sexual assaults in Arctic rocks Norway

A police report says a Norwegian Arctic municipality of fewer than 2,000 people saw at the least 151 sexual assaults, including 43 rapes over the course of more than six decades. Most was ever reported to the authorities,

The majority of the victims and the suspected perpetrators in Tysfjord, in northern Norway, are part of the ethnic Sami community. The report was commissioned following a newspaper exposure last year.

The police report detailed at least 82 victims and 92 suspected offenders in the cases, dating from 1953 to August 2017. As well as the rapes, 40 instances is dealing with sexual intercourse with underage children.

Tone Vangen, head of the Nordland county where the alleged assaults took place, apologized, acknowledging that police “didn’t do a good job.”

Two people have been charged, but many cases have been fell because the statute of limitations has expired.

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