Theres A Crazy New Conspiracy Theory About Prince Harrys Engagement To Meghan Markle And Its Actually Genius

Flickr/ UK in Italy

In case you were wondering, my favorite part of the Internet is definitely the crazy conspiracy theories. We’ve had insane Twitter threads about Avril Lavigne being replaced by a clone, Lady Gaga murdering her mentor, and Melania Trump being replaced by a man in a wig, but this new one about the British royal family is a nice change. According to the Internet, Prince Harry’s engagement to American actress Meghan Markle might be for more than merely love.

According to Twitchy editor Greg Pollowitz, Harry and Meghan’s children may be American citizens, dedicating them the chance to rule not only one country, but two.

So basically, the royal children could potentially be King/ Queen of Great Britain AND President of the United States at the same day. And if that were to happen, the two countries could potentially merge once again, bring the U.S. back to its colonized roots. How’s that for a conspiracy hypothesi?

You’ve got to admit, it would be quite the plan.

Honestly, in today’s political climate, is it hard to believe?

That is, if England actually WANTS the U.S. back.

Realistically though, Markle will probably have to renounce her American citizenship if she wants to marry into the royal family. But damn, if only this conspiracy theory COULD come true.

I don’t care what anyone says. Honestly, I’m here for it.

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