Why some scientists are throwing shade about glitter.

It’s fun to stimulate glittery holiday cards with the kids. Or without the kids. I don’t know. Don’t judge me.

But if you’ve ever worked with glisten, you know cleanup can be a mess. If it gets on your hands, it can take ages( or some fancy tricks) to clean it all off.

This is just my hand now. Photo from frankieleon/ Flickr.

But once it’s eventually off your hands, where does that glisten go? Down the drain, likely. And some scientists aren’t very happy about that.

Not very happy about that at all.

“I guess all glitter should be banned, ” Trisia Farrelly of New Zealand’s Massey University told CBS.

The problem? “It’s microplastic, ” says Farrelly.

“Microplastic” is the name for the tiny, virtually indestructible pieces of plastic pollution that often are to be found into our ponds, oceans, and even our drinking water.

And once they get into the water supply, they can choke or poison sea life. Even tiny plankton have been discovered nibbling on them.

Besides arts and crafts, glisten is also found in many cosmetics, such as nail polish or shampoos. Photo from an_photos/ Pixabay.

Glitter isn’t the only source of microplastics. The majority come from larger plastic objects breaking down into smaller pieces. They can also come from the microbeads found in many body cleans and shampoos. In fact, the United States has a partial prohibition on microbeads — producers were supposed to stop putting them in rinse-off cosmetics back in July.

Now that microbeads are get the boot, it stimulates sense that people are giving glitter some side-eye. A handful of nurseries in the United Kingdom have already stimulated the stuff verbotens.

The good news is that if your heart is actually set on that shimmery vacation card or looking fierce on New Year’s, there were non-micro-plasticky options is accessible to you. Yes, biodegradable glitter is a thing.

Listen, glitter is amazing. No one is denying that. But with great shiny power, comes great shiny responsibility. Sparkle safely this holiday season .

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