This genius addition to schools has attendance up and bullying down.

Imagine you’re a teacher in a school that’s riddled with problems.

Many of your students act out, against you and against each other. Some kids don’t show up at all. Those who do try to apply themselves are struggling to focus and are falling behind.

All of these problems have solutions, but you’re merely one person. You can’t afford to give each child the personalized care and attention they need to fix their individual issue.

So what do you do ?

One surprising tool could solve a lot of students’ problems: a rinsing machine.

A lack of clean clothes is one of the more common problems among families with kids who are struggling in school .

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“There are students that are being bullied because of the clothing that they’re dres, ” says Emily Edwards, a social worker at an elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee.

“You want them to think about,’ Am I accomplishing good work in my math class? ’” says Christina Deering, who teaches third grade. “You don’t want them to be thinking,’ I hope I’m not too close to you because I might smell.’”

Not having clean clothes confuses kids in class — and it sometimes keeps them out of school solely. Absences add up and, ultimately, contribute to bigger academic problems that become harder to fix.

At this Nashville elementary school, the administration saw a solution to the laundry problem.

“The Care Counts( tm) program installs washers and dryers in schools to improve attendance by devoting kids access to clean clothes, ” says Edwards. The school now has a washer and dryer on school property, and parents can come use them free of charge.

Watch and see how kids’ lives are already improving thanks to their new laundry facilities 😛 TAGEND