31 Days of Happiness Countdown: ‘Meower Rangers.’ (Day 5)

Welcome to Day 5 of Upworthy’s 31 Day of Happiness Countdown! If this is your first visit, here’s the gist: Each day between Dec. 1 and Dec. 31, we’re sharing narratives specifically designed to bring elation, smiles, and laughter into our lives and yours. It’s been a challenging year, so why not aim it on a high note with a bit of laughter? Check back tomorrow( or click the links at the bottom) for another installment !

Today’s countdown calendar treat combinations two of the internet’s favorite things — nostalgia and cats — in a truly beautiful style.

Yes, I’m talking about the official “Power Rangers” parody featuring a colorful casting of real cats as your favorite mid ‘9 0s group of spandex-clad “teenagers with attitude.” It’s called “Meower Rangers . ” It’s perfect in every single way.

It shouldn’t work. You’re right. I can feel your skepticism through the screen. And yet, each minute-long episode in the show’s two — yes two! — seasons is the perfect amount of delightful-as-heck meta absurdity guaranteed to make you giggle uncontrollably.

Did I mention Rita Repulsa is played by a shiba inu inexplicably called “Akita Repulsa, ” even though an akita is an entirely different kind of puppy ? And that Zordon is a goldfish? And that the Megazord is a collection of cardboard boxes?


Look. There’s no incorrect or right route to practise self-care. For some people, it’s bubble baths and spa days. For others, it’s a long run or reading a favorite volume for the hundredth time.

For me, it’s revisiting the presents and movies I watched growing up — and if I can do so in a way that involves cats, well … who could say no to that?

Whether you need a transgres from calling your representatives all day or are depleted from constantly being asked to fight for your humanity and your existence in a world that is stacked against you — or maybe you had a hard day at work and you simply need a giggle — there’s “Meower Rangers.”

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