31 Days of Happiness Countdown: Disney’s new fireworks are for everyone. (Day 6)

Welcome to Day 6 of Upworthy’s 31 Day of Happiness Countdown! If this is your first visit, here’s the gist: Each day between Dec. 1 and Dec. 31, we’re sharing tales specifically designed to bringing exhilaration, smiles, and laugh into our lives and yours. It’s been a challenging year, so why not aim it on a high note with a bit of laugh? Check back tomorrow( or click the links at the bottom) for another installment !

Almost everyone loves fireworks — except pets, who generally aren’t fans. But, assuming you’re not a dog on the internet, I’m willing to bet you’re likely in the “YES! FIREWORKS ARE AWESOME! ” camp. What if I told you there was a route to love them even more ?

That’s exactly what Disney is up to with its new all-inclusive project: “Fireworks you can feel.” It takes the multisensory awesomeness of this šŸ˜› TAGEND

And turns it into a totally unique experience that uses sight, hearing, and touch to create a bit of magical beyond the bright colors and thundering booms of your median fireworks display.

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