Apples hand is down and its $1 trillion dream now rests with consumers

As we head into the end of 2017, it’s fairly safe to say that Apple’s fate — barring any major issue with its telephones — is now in the hands of its consumers.

With the iPhone X now in stores( well, kind of — if you catch them at the right time ), Apple has now laid down its hand and waits to see where consumer demand lands. Its bid to unlock a higher-tier customer could indeed end up creating a ton of value for the company, which has expended the past year looking to reignite growth in its core driver.

While the iPad and Mac continue to contribute, Apple’s fate largely rests on the success of the iPhone X. Apple this year has increasingly looked like it’s on a real pathway to becoming a$ 1 trillion company, and now the holiday quarter is going to show if it’ll be able to pulling that off.

And the signals are definitely there. Apple briefly tapped a $900 billion marketplace cap, though it’s slipped since then. That $ 1 trillion goal is just a jumping of a bit more than 10 percent for the company, though for Apple that means adding more than $100 billion in value. But this year alone, shares of Apple are up nearly 50 percentage as it increasingly looks like Apple is get its act together after a middling 2016.