31 Days of Happiness Countdown: a girl’s super funny interview with her cat. (Day 30)

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Cat Person, ” the uncomfortably relevant short story from The New Yorker, was the viral make of the holiday season. This … is not that.

This is, however, another piece of cat-related content that really, actually, really deserves your undivided attention right now. Instead of stimulating you queasy or hitting too close to home, this one will bring you oodles of sheer unbridled joy.

Earlier this year, a 10 -year-old girl named Gabi decided to sit down and interview her cat, Coco, which is a totally normal thing to do. She then transcribed that interview, and it is candidly one of the best pieces of journalism I’ve read this year.

Her dad, Paul Duane, tweeted a photo of Gabi’s hilarious transcription, and it ran viral. For obvious reasons.

Interview with Coco !!!

ME: Coco, can I scratch you on the head?

COCO: Absolutely

ME: The back?

COCO: Sure.

ME: The potbelly?


ME: The legs?

COCO: NO !!!

ME: The tail?


ME: The butt?


The single tweet racked up over 62,000 retweets and virtually 200,000 Likes, stimulating Gabi and Coco major internet celebs.

According to her parent, Gabi was pretty pumped about all the attention and apparently be available to springboard her 15 minutes of reputation into some kind of literary career.

Kids really know how to ask the tough questions, don’t they?

Props to Gabi for bringing us all a much-needed laugh as 2017 is coming to an end. This daughter is truly going places.

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