Swarthmore College offers a course in ‘queering God’

One of the nation’s most prestigious liberal arts colleges is advancing a “queer theology” agenda with hopes of destabilizing traditional notions about what the Bible says about gender and sexuality .

Swarthmore College, founded by Quakers, is offering courses in “queering the Bible” and “queering God.” The courses were first reported by Campus Reform .

“Queering the Bible” is a one-credit class that surveys “queer and trans reads of biblical texts.”

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“By reading the Bible with the methodology used to queer and trans theoretical approaches, this class destabilizes long held premises about what the Bible- and religion- says about gender and sexuality, ” the course description reads.

The school’s religion department is also teaching a class that questions the sexuality of the Almighty called, “Queering God: Feminist and Queer Theology.”

“The God of the Bible and later Jewish and Christian literature is distinctively masculine, definitely male. Or is He? ” the course description reads. “If we can point out places in traditional writes where God is fostering, forgiving, and caring, does that mean that God is feminine, or female? ”

Key themes of that particular class include investigating the “tensions between feminist and queer theology” and analyses “feminist and queer writings about God.”

Critics explosion the college’s religion courses and indicated they were meant to undermine Christianity.

“This is about sanitizing and neutralizing the bans on lesbian acts that Scripture unequivocally denounces, ” one commentator noted online.

The president of Truett-McConnell University, a conservative Christian school in Georgia , accused Swarthmore of prostituting the Bible.

“If there were a list entitled, “Best Snowflake Colleges in America, ” I am quite certain that Swarthmore College would be near the upper part of the list, ” Dr. Emir Caner told the Todd Starnes Radio Show . “Keep in intellect, this is an institution of higher learning that has rendered such’ accomplished’ politicians as failed presidential nominee Michael Dukakis.”

“While I am not surprised that lost people would so prostitute Scripture, perhaps there is a rainbow at the end of the cyclone when the student comes across John 3:16 and recognize God’s unconditional love for them through Jesus Christ, ” Caner said. “Perhaps such an open-minded student will recognize the conviction of the Holy Spirit over the noise of liberal indoctrination, bow their knee to the One True Living God and be transformed.”

Dr. Robert Jeffress, the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas and a spiritual advisor to President Trump, warned about the spiritual dangers of twisting God’s word.

“In is recommended that God is’ queer’ Swarthmore College is guilty of nothing short of modern day idolatry, ” Jeffress told the Todd Starnes Radio Show .

“When you read the Bible you will have found that God reserved His harshest condemnation for individuals and nations that practiced idolatry- creating an imaginary god who conformed to a culture’s perversion, ” Jeffress said.

Swarthmore College did not return my bellows trying remark. Nor did they respond to a question about whether they had read the Book of Revelation, Chapter 22, Verse 19.

I also inquired about whether the religion department will be offering courses on “Queering Mohammed” or “Queering the Koran.”

Something tells me they won’t be respond to that query either.

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