The Ugly Honest Truth Is Im Not Over You Yet

God& Man

I shouldn’t have fallen so hard or so quickly.

I should have known it would objective this way.

Alone missing you.

I should have been a little more cautious with matters of the heart.

But you fell into my life so carelessly and so easily.

And before I could realise, I was already in too deep.

Then it was over.

And everything about you felt so close but so far.

I shouldn’t think of you as much as I do.

But how do you get over person when everything reminds you of them?

There are some days it feels like I lost myself trying to keep you.

Then there are moments I realise you can never lose something that wasn’t yours to begin with.

But how do you explain this pain that’s the only thing that feels real these days?

Then there are days you are everywhere.

On every street corner.

In every anthem, I listen to.

In every volume, I read.

In every part of me or at least the parts of myself I like.

Maybe I’m looking for you.

Looking for you in everyone I meet.

Because maybe if I find person like you I’ll find myself again.

The ugly honest truth is I don’t know how to heal.

And I cling to ache like it’s some comfortable sweater .

When pain becomes your consolation zone how do you steer away from that?

When people become a home for your heart to reside how do you find a place to call yours when they all leave?

When their voice is the sunlight guiding you and suddenly you’re overcome with an eerie stillnes how do you find your style again when you feel like you’re lost?

How do you move on when a company attains “youre feeling” lonelier than you did when you were by yourself?

Sometimes the arms of a stranger attain you realise how well he truly knew you and how much you want that connection you knew was rare when you detected it.

The ugly honest truth is nothing about get over someone is pretty or easy or fast.

The more you care about someone the longer it’s going to take to get over them. And the longer it takes that only demonstrates they were someone really special.

Some days are gonna be fine. Some days you don’t think of them at all.

Then other days you wake up and you feel it in your chest and you fall to your knees and you hold back tears and you listen to music that brings you back to every memory that wasn’t supposed to turn into pain.

You realise how not over them you are.

And you don’t know when you will be.

So you take the ache as it comes and realize you dislike how much it hurts but there is beauty within the pain that you can feel something that deep for someone.

The ugly honest truth is you don’t simply get over person because they are gone or the relationship ends.

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