He asked her to turn down a promotion to spare his ego. Now their story is going viral.

Twitter user Kimber Dowsett was borne and waiting to catch a flight when she caught breeze of a couple arguing.

Like most of us would( though we might not acknowledge it ), she rapidly discovered herself listening in on the juicy drama.

When she realise what the argument was about, she pulled out her phone and began documenting the scene on Twitter for the benefit of her 24,000 followers.

The couple was arguing about money, but not in a “What do you mean you forgot to pay the gas bill ?! ” kind of way. It was bigger than that.

The woman had been offered a promotion at work, and Dowsett couldn’t believe she was listening to the woman’s partner — a man — telling her to turn it down .

He’d be “humiliated, ” he told her, if she made more money than him, explaining that if she really loved him, she’d turn the promotion down.


As Dowsett continued listening in, “the mens” twisted the knife, so to speak, insisting his partner put his feelings above her career.

Shocked and enraged, Dowsett sat at her airport gate, listening as the woman began crying, promising her partner she’d never threaten the relationship. When “the mens” continues to insist she turn away the job, Dowsett couldn’t help it. “I only want to punch him, ” she tweeted.


It only went downhill from there.

According to Dowsett, the man had simply presumed that his partner would eventually leave her chore wholly to take care of the kids. There’s no point focusing on her career anyway, he told her.

“I can’t believe this is 2017, ” Dowsett tweeted.



The dramatic fight objective, Dowsett wrote, when the woman stormed off, leaving her now-ex to go on vacation with his own damn self.

Apparently Dowsett wasn’t the only person who overheard the fight, as the people awaiting at the gate burst into applause for the woman when she threw her boarding pass at her ex and told him to have fun in Cancun.


The Tweet thread ran viral, with people praising the woman or merely enjoying the absurdity of it all.

For all the conversation’s viral gaiety, there’s more than a kernel of uncomfortable truth in this story.

The wage gap still exists, but girls are becoming more and more likely to be the breadwinners in their households and relationships. And that’s not just single mothers. Some estimations say about a quarter of all matrimonies include a woman who earns more than her partner — a number that has quadrupled since the ‘6 0s.

This is a good thing — plainly! It’s a sign that females are kicking ass in the workplace and ultimately getting more opportunities to advance, despite the wage gap and sexual harassment and other hurdles women face in the workplace.

As the debate above presents, however, it’s not a comfortable transition for every couple. After all, there is immense societal pressure on men to “provide for the family” and on girls to slide into motherly, custodian roles.

For the love of equal opportunities, dudes, don’t is just like Airport Guy. Be proud of your wives and girlfriends and partners for their accomplishments.

“Equal pay” is merely going to get more equal, and the number of women in heterosexual relationships who out-earn or match what their male partners build is going to procession closer and closer to half.

Being a man does not entitle you to a higher salary. Not anymore. Being procure in your masculinity and being a supportive partner means celebrating your significant other’s success. It entails encouraging them to be their best and being proud of them when they succeed, even if it means they might be doing “better” than you.

Yes, some people might think it’s “weird” if a wife or girlfriend attains more money, but things are changing and it’s period we all get with the program.

Don’t get swept away with this outdated idea of how things “should be” — or risk being immortalized by a viral Tweet thread in which you come off looking like a total jackass. It’s much better to only enjoy having a relationship with a talented, intelligent, and ambitious female, if you’re lucky enough to have one.

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