‘The Office’s’ Jenna Fischer reveals her 1st role was in sex education video

“The Office” star Jenna Fischer revealed in an essay that her first acting gig was in a sexual education video for patients with mental health problems.

Fischer wrote in an essay for The New York Times that she left her home in St. Louis for Los Angeles to seeks her dream of becoming a famous actress. But Fischer soon observed herself broke and downtrodden. Her car had broken down and her cat was so stressed out that “he was licking out patches of his fur.” The actress said she got a job as a receptionist but “felt like a failure.”


“The thought of quitting was constant, ” Fischer wrote. “But I was too embarrassed to go back to St. Louis. I’d basically told everyone I was going to be this big star in Hollywood, and after almost a year I hadn’t booked a single job. I was humbled and humiliated.”

However, the future star get her big break by landing a role in a sexual education video for mental health patients. Fischer recalled the role in which she wore her own clothes and did her own makeup. She described the back-and-forth exchange she had with her “older sister” in the video, and recalled being shown “every contraceptive device ever devised, ” including an IUD, which the actress pointed out “has to be implanted by a gynecologist.”

Fischer said she made $100 from the gig and received the fortitude to follow her dream, which eventually led to her place on the make slapstick prove “The Office.”

John Krasinski( L) and Jenna Fischer interact as they receive gift purses from the Screen Actors Guild Awards Committee including a certification for their nomination for an outstanding performance by an ensemble in a slapstick series in “The Office, ” on the decide of the television display “The Office, ” in Panorama City, California, January 11, 2007. ( Reuters)


“But it was important to me; it gave me the gallantry to keep going, to stay in Los Angeles and chase my dreaming, ” Fischer wrote.

“Until eight years later, when I eventually got to say a line that would change my life eternally:’ Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam.’”

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