The pope’s version of ‘Shark Tank’ just picked 9 awesome green tech ideas.

The next great tech breakthough might not come out of Silicon Valley. It might be from the Vatican.

Since 2016, the Vatican has been working with got a couple of Silicon Valley venture capitalists to develop the Laudato Si’ Challenge, an international tech startup challenge. The goal? Help humanity better take care of each other, the Earth, and fight climate change.

The challenge has seen more than 300 entrants since it opened up.

This month, the Vatican finally announced their nine selections:

A filter that lets people drink from polluted water A solar-powered lightbulb An app that reduces the amount of paper being implemented in offices Tech that turns waste from breweries into flour A ride-sharing service for motor scooters A cash card that dedicates communities fund in return for recyclables An notion to turning agricultural garbage into cooking gasoline Tech that could help farmers plan for climate change Tech that turns toxic manufacturing sludge into energy and clean water