This Instagram account dedicated to fat girls traveling will give you serious wanderlust.

Annette Richmond is fat. Annette Richmond loves to traveling. Yes, these two truths can coexist.

In fact, Richmond built an entire motion on this foundation.

Photo via Annette Richmond, used in conjunction with permission.

Richmond works remotely and expends most of the year traveling around the globe as a “digital nomad.” When we connected, she was in Thailand, one of her favorite destinations. Richmond will expend the next eight months in Southeast Asia, based out of Bangkok.

“Like many people, I guessed I had to work a job I hated and scrimp and save for one or two vacations per year. I’ve learned that I create my own route, ” she explains in an email interview. “After I received my first passport stamp, I was hooked! ”

Photo via Annette Richmond, used in conjunction with permission.

In January 2016, Richmond made the Fat Girls Traveling Instagram account.

As a travelling blogger, Richmond writes about her adventures and takes stunning photos in exotic locales, hoping to get them cross-posted on popular Instagram travel accounts. But time after time, the only photos inducing the cut featured thin, white girls. So Richmond launched Fat Girls Traveling, where she showcases photos of fat females travelers.

Followers are invited to tag the page to share their photos and tales. Richmond re-shares them to her 13,000 adherents across Instagram and Facebook.

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As her community grows, Richmond is branching out to host fat-positive events, including her first summer camp in 2018 for fat females, called Fat Camp, where guests can talk travel, take in the outdoors, play games, and eat great food in a judgment-free zone.

“I feel honored and humbled that what started out as a passion project has inspired so many females to travel the world, ” she writes.

@somewhere_under_the_rainbow || New York City, New York

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” … I know that the work I’m doing is challenging the status quo and not only opening up the minds and hearts of fat shamers. But opening up the world to so many fat people who are afraid to leave their comfort zones out of anxiety of being ridiculed.”

@itsmekellieb || Rivera Maya, Mexico

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And like most women challenging the status quo, Richmond faces trolls on the regular.

Some people simply aren’t ready to see fat females as carefree and joyful. Some try to mask their contempt with disingenuous concern, she says. Richmond and other fat-positive voices call these people concern trolls.

“People that troll the interwebs spout health and weight loss advice to people they don’t know and truly don’t am worried about it, ” she writes. “People that unless they are honest with themselves, would admit that seeing someone that’s fat and happy with themselves and with their bodies constructs them uncomfortable.”

@kellyaugustineb @plusjones @iambeauticurve || Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Richmond does her best to face the disdain with love and positivity, but she admits the abuse takes a toll.

“There have also been negatives, like cutting toxic people from my life. Calling out friends and family members who use abusive fatphobic speech, ” she writes. “It’s important that we recollect to be kind to each other, because we’re all humans that bled when cut and sob when impressions are hurt.”

Photo via Annette Richmond, used with permission.

But nothing will maintain Richmond from doing what she loves — and encouraging others to do the same.

For anyone thinking about exploring the world, but worried about different sizes, Richmond recommends traveling with vendors that support larger travelers. One airline, Southwest, even offers a second seat for free( you volume and pay in advance, then get a refund ). Buying your own seat belt extender may also ease anxiety around having a potentially embarrassing dialogue with a flight attendant.

As for dread of sticking out upon arrival, it’s bound to happen — even to smaller travelers. Maintain in intellect that different cultures have different standards of beauty, and try to go with the flow.

“In Jamaica my body was embraced. In that culture curves are coveted, ” Richmond writes. “It’s a different story in Asia, but for the most proportion I know that people here aren’t doing things to be cruel, they are intrigued by my size … ”

@avery_hungrycaterpillar || Beaufort, Sabah

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So if you’re thinking about traveling more — or just getting started — do what you can to make it a reality.

There’s a great, big world out there and we all deserve the opportunity to experience it.

@mamafierceblog | Gama Laugin, Secret Lagoon, Iceland

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