Just So You Know, Love Doesnt Have To Be Your Whole World


Love doesn’t have to be it for you. Love doesn’t have to stimulate you feel complete or induce you whole. One person’s love does not have to be your whole world. There is more to you than love, there is more to your life than discovering it, there is more to your life than keeping it. There’s so much more.

You can wake up next to the person who induces you feel like today will be okay just because they’re with you. You can expend the entire day with them and feel like you’re floating on a cloud, like life is just easy and all of the hard stuff doesn’t really matter. You can stay with them for long periods of period. You can date them, move in with them, marriage them, have children with them, but that doesn’t have to be for you. That doesn’t have to be your whole life. Your world does not need to revolve around love.

You can chase your dreams. You can run after them until you’re so exhausted you can’t see straight. You can work hard and feel good when that hard work pays off. You can feel like shit when it doesn’t. You can try a handful of career tracks and get lost while attempting to find the one that’s’ right’ for you. You can nail that interview. You can land your dream task. You can do all of it with or without love.

You can face your dreads. You can go on adventures in places you’ve never been, and you can meet all kinds of people along the way. You can do it on your own or they are able to do it with someone else, with friends, with household, with strangers, with devotees. You can do all of these things and it doesn’t matter whether or not you have one special person to do them with, or one special person to come home to after.

You don’t need one special person who loves you to fill your life with energy and joy, and you can’t expect love to be your only source of happiness. You don’t have to be just one thing. You’re not just someone’s girlfriend or spouse or partner, you’re someone who realizes that love is merely one part of you. Love is just one part of your life.

Stay true to who you are with or without love. Become the person you want to be regardless. Love doesn’t have to be your whole world.

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