Great Day Or Great Life?

Ali Kaukas

Woke up at the break of the day. When the sunlight was still asleep — had a coffee before she did. Drove slow down empty roads. Empty of all but one runner with pink shoes. Drove slow up the highway watching the black roll in over the ocean, eyes straining for the white.

Walked up to a desert tree, morning light lighting up the greys and green, the pink blooms on another. Stopped in all that is awe. Chose a break with about 100 people doing a paddle out,” Did person succumb ?”” Christ did .”

Instead of rolling my eyes in my head, I smiled at these humans, loving their God. Strayed on — to waves scarcely surfable with my new friend and his papa. Rode our logs upon warm crystal clear waves. Floated on my belly, looked down at newborn sting lights, yellow fish, marvelled at the speckles of gold drifting in the water. Missed waves, caught waves.

Left for breakfast — ate a breakfast bagel in the sunshine, reeked a pink rose, drank a coffee that is right. Pet a puppy for 30 minutes with my one hand, leg draped over the wrong side of a chair. Pet another puppy. Lost my keys, received my keys. Hoped across develop tracks barefoot. Had a human stroll up to me and say,” I’m sorry to interrupt you, but you’re one of the most beautiful females I’ve seen in a long time. And I couldn’t not tell you .” Sat and talked with people who were kind.

Drove to a different breaking I’d never been too. Walked with same friend down stairs carrying big green longboards, a guitar, sunlight hat and wet suits. Got down and he said,” Let’s sing” and so we did. Free styling, little song birds. Beautiful and sweet in the sunshine. Nerves flying, what an intimate thing. To have a voice to sing.

Surfed more endless green waves, squatted down — ankle barrels, happy in the sunshine. Took the wet suit off and swam, crystal clear and cold-happy in the sunshine. Sat and eat dried mango, drank old coffee and “was talkin about a” everything in this world one might wish to talk about, yet missed everything all at the same time. Tuna, lemonade, strolling barefoot, happy in the sunshine. More coffee — happy in the sunshine.

Great day, or a great life?

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