Trader Joe’s just released shelf-stable French fries to satisfy all your snacking needs

You know those crispy little bits of French fries at the lower end of the carton? If that’s your favorite proportion, you’re in luck. Trader Joe’s latest snack is basically like a bag full of those small pieces and they’re so popular, some stores are already selling out.


The grocery store chain announced their new Spud Crunchies Potato Snacks on their website Friday. They describe the spear-shaped bites as “salty, crunchy, shelf-stable French fries” that are made of merely three ingredients: U.S.-grown Russet potatoes, expeller pressed canola oil, and salt.

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According to the website, by means of a unique low-temperature cooking technique, they were able to create the ultimate snack for French-fry enthusiasts that’re “crisp on the outside, airy on the inside” with “a burst of all-natural potato flavor.”

Even though the store just announced the savory snack last week, Refinery2 9 reports that they’ve slowly been popping up in stores since October. And based on social media answer, people are obsessed. One person on Twitter even noted that their store was entirely sold out.

If you’re a potato lover looking to try these out, at merely $1.99 a suitcase, you better stock up on all the Spud Crunchies you can get your hands on before someone else does.

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