This feminist’s comedy show didn’t allow men. Now a man is suing her for it.

It was supposed to be a funny, lighthearted evening of comedy for women. And it was — until some dudes stimulated it about them.

In November 2016, comedian Iliza Shlesinger hosted a women’s-only comedy night at the Largo in Los Angeles. The event, Girls Night In, “was a singular evening that encouraged women to get together, talk and giggle about the things we go through as well as donate some money to Schemed Parenthood, ” Shlesinger said in a statement.

Photo by Brandon Williams/ Getty Images for International Myeloma Foundation.

Two men — George St. George, 21, and a male companion — decided to buy tickets to the depict anyway. Staff at the theater told the men it would be best to sit in the back row for the event prominently advertised as being “no boys permitted, ” then later denied them entry altogether.

Now St. George is suing Shlesinger for discrimination, claiming he was not allowed to attend due to his gender.

This is not the first time St. George’s attorney, Alfred Rava, has filed suits essentially claiming “reverse sexism.”

Rava sued after not receiving the Mother’s Day promotion at an Oakland A’s game and sued Club Med for a women-only promotion. He’s done this dozens of times, both as the plaintiff and the attorney on the cases.

But this lawsuit isn’t precisely subtle: In the 14-page suit, Rava even compares St. George being asked to leave to the “…Montgomery City Lines bus company in Montgomery, Alabama circa 1955 morphing into the Woolworth’s department store lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1960. ”

And before you ask: No, St. George was not publicly humiliated, pelted with food, or dragged away and arrested for trespassing. He was simply offered a rebate and asked to leave.

We have yet to know if a magistrate will determine that St. George’s claims hold water in the courts. But they simply don’t hold water in the real world, and here are three reasons why.

1. Despite his attempt to appeal to ideas of fairness and equality, St. George is filing a lawsuit to solve a problem that simply doesn’t exist: reverse persecution.

Reverse oppression( be it sexism, racism, or what have you) is not a thing and never has been.

In 2015, Melissa A. Fabello over at Everyday Feminism did a great job breaking down exactly why, but here’s the component everyone ( especially dudes like St. George) needs to read 😛 TAGEND

“…yes, all people can experience stereotyping( hypothesis that all people in one group are similar ), racism( dislike toward a group based on those stereotypes ), and discrimination( refusing access to resources based on that prejudice ).

However, only oppressed people experience all of that and institutionalized violence and systematic erasure.”

There you have it. When the Largo didn’t let St. George and his companion into the space to make a mockery of an event, this action was not reverse sexism — or in any way akin to the suffering endured by those in the civil right motion.

These humen have every right to feel hurt or bummed out that they were not allowed to attend( though let’s remember: they got a rebate ), but since no one in the history of day has in the past mounted a successful campaign to infringe, subjugate, disenfranchise, harm, or forever silence humen because of their gender, this incident is by no means oppression.

Please, tell me more about the systemic oppression and erasure of men. I am genuinely curious. Photo by Brendan Smialowski/ AFP/ Getty Images.

2. If St. George wanted to truly stand up for men that day, he could’ve. But he didn’t.

He could have supported organizations that support male survivors of sexual assault, or he could have spoken out against toxic masculinity and the dangerous the behaviours and traditions that don’t always allow for boys and men to express a full range of feelings. Hell, he could’ve created fund to subsistence prostate or lung cancer research, the most common cancers among men.

Of course he didn’t do that because he’s not really very interested in bettering the lives of men . He just wants to stillnes, shame, and disrupt the work of women. Humen like St. George and Rava are cowards in activists’ clothes.

If he isn’t already, St. George’s time may be better spent signal boosting the voices of male survivors who have shared their stories of sexual assault and misconduct, like Terry Crews , Anthony Rapp, and countless others. Photo by Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images.

3. In fact, it’s because of men like this that females require a space to feel safe, promoted, and supported in the first place.

Living as a woman comes with the emotional burden of sexual harassment, the constant threat of gender-based violence, microaggressions, and a substantial wage gap.

Not-so-shockingly some females simply want a space, without men, to celebrate, talk, share, and commiserate, even if just for one night. To the men who understand and support this: Thank you. To the men who can’t wait to shit on something that doesn’t center them: Do better.

Photo by Araya Diaz/ Getty Images for Hollywood Wilshire YMCA.

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