AIM is officially dead

Say “goodbye”( in the AOL voice, if possible) to Aol Instant Messenger.

Back in October, Oath( the blended entity of Yahoo and Aol) announced that it would shutter AIM on December 15. Yes, today is the day.

While “were not receiving” shortfall of means to communicate online, AIM holds a special place in many of our hearts.

For some of us, it was the first place we talked to our crush. It was our internet playground, where we grew accustomed to online acronyms and first learned about the very healthy habit of internet stalking.

AIM is the first place we ever wrote a web bio, likely in Comic Sans, with outrageous text and background colors.

AIM never stood a chance at keeping up with the pace of innovation on the web, which is why its sun has defined, but that doesn’t change what it meant to us.

So today, pour one out for teenage you typing furiously on the computer in your parents’ office. LOL. AFK. BRB. ROFL.

Creaky doorway closing sound consequence

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