Colorado Senate Dems make a hilariously great case for legal pot.

Earlier today, real-life “Dukes of Hazzard” scoundrel Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III announced its intention to crack down on marijuana in states that have decriminalize it.

In a three-paragraph Justice Department memoranda, Sessions directed U.S. attorneys to disregard past policy about turning a somewhat blind eye to pot when it came to the more than two dozen nations that have decriminalize it for medicinal or recreational use, saying, “Today’s memo on federal marijuana enforcement simply directs all U.S. lawyers to use previously established prosecutorial principles that provide them all the necessary tools to interrupt criminal organizations, tackle the growing drug crisis, and frustrate violent crime across our country.”

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The official Twitter account for the Colorado state Senate Democrat took aim at Sessions’ push in a thread equal parts informative and amusing.

Legal weed has been around in Colorado for quite awhile, with voters approving a medical marijuana vote measure way back in 2000, and devoting the thumbs up to recreational use in 2012.

By most accounts, legal weed in Colorado has been a pretty big hit — which Colorado’s Senate Democrats laid out in excruciating detail.

Hearing news about Sessions’ plan to fight the states on this, they kicked off an epic Twitter thread with what’s simply a clearly great gag: “We’ll give Jeff Sessions our legal pot where reference is pries it from our warm, exceedingly interesting to look at hands.”

With that one-liner out of the route, they laid out a really strong instance for letting nations handle this. For one, it’s really, really been great for the economy. “Since legalization, marijuana has generated $617,767, 334 in tax revenue, ” read one of the tweets. “Instead of going to narcotic cartels, that money helps fund our schools and craving treatment programs for more dangerous drugs.”

They went on to list a number of projects funded by the state’s “Build Excellent Schools Today Act” program, which gets some of its fund from marijuana taxes.

“Is your school’s roof TOO NICE? ” another tweet read. “Jeff Sessions is on the case.”

They concluded as they started: with a joke. “If only there was some route we could mellow him out, ” they pondered.

Public opinion on marijuana legalization continues to steadily climb, marking Sessions for the political anachronism that he is.

According to an October poll from Gallup, 64% of Americans think it’s time to decriminalize pot. The truth is that most people simply don’t care what others decide to do with their body and their free time. By and large, it’s not dangerous — at least no more than alcohol or cigarettes — and its reputation as a “gateway” to harder medications has been mostly debunked.

Sessions’ vendetta against marijuana is widely known. He’s said “Good people don’t smoke marijuana, ” and in the 80 s remarked, “I guessed those guys[ the Ku Klux Klan] were OK until I learned they smoked pot, ” and as recently as last March, suggested that it’s just as dangerous as heroin. We get it, Jeff. You don’t like pot .

Even Donald Trump seems to know that public opinion isn’t on the side of regressive Drug War-era enforcement, going so far as to say that his attorney general wouldn’t do what his attorney general is doing right now( Trump lies a lot, guys ).

Even Cory Gardner, Colorado’s Republican senator, understands that beefing up federal enforcement of anti-pot laws isn’t what the country requires right now, threatening to use his power to grind Justice Department nominees to a halting. Gardner elections in line with the Trump’s and Sessions’ agendas virtually 95% of the time, so this type of fierce opponent should send a strong message.

If there’s one thing we can all learn from this, it’s how hollow the convictions of the individuals who champ “states’ rights” and “small government” can be.

Whether it’s in fighting states’ abilities to legislate their own laws around pot, micromanaging what a woman can do with her uterus, demanding to know what a trans person’s genitals look like, or dictating who has the right to protest for racial justice and how they should do it, “small government” often means complete authoritarian control. Perhaps these politicians should heed a bit of their own rhetoric. “Don’t tread on me, ” right?

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